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Emergency Preparedness

The Shannon County Health Center is actively involved in emergency planning and preparedness activities in our community. We are a member of the Shannon County Local Emergency Planning Committee, participating in the planning and exercising of the Shannon County Emergency Operations Plan.

The agency and county plans are designed to promote the coordination of statewide emergency services and the use of available resources to minimize the effects of a major disaster (natural or otherwise) on life and property of the citizens of our county.  These plans incorporate the principles and processes of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and the Incident Command System (ICS).

The Shannon County Health Center depends on its community partners and volunteers to respond effectively to a public health emergency. We have been conducting communicable disease trainings for health care providers and other key partners in the community. Our goal is for all of our responders to be prepared for any type of outbreak, from a small case of chickenpox to something as serious as a zika virus or ebola outbreak. Everyone in the community can play a part in keeping our community safe and healthy by following some of these simple methods of disease prevention: practice good handwashing, get immunized, and keep your distance if you know someone is sick. For more information or interest in having a health educator come speak to your group, please contact Sarah West, RN, or Erin Frazier at (573) 226-3914.
Another great resource for information is the Centers for Disease Control at

Be Prepared
We encourage everyone in the community to also make plans so they can be ready for any type of emergency.